Get user wallet endpoint

This endpoint retrieve a user wallet. We recommend you to use email as the user value but you can use any string you like (for instance a user ID).

Note: The user needs to be unique in your app (ex: email, UID)

const data = await okApiClient.wallet({ user: "john@doe.com" })
    "publicKey": "CDEYBvm3YurphnsRNzih2w2iqRPfFsfWiWKUiRJX9ijw",
    "tokens": [
            "name": "OKAPI coin",
            "description": "OKAPI official coin.",
            "symbol": "OKAPI",
            "mint": "E8urN1zTB7iuHAarzudZYjh8cXYKHYjTkZunnm83e54t",
            "amount": 700,
            "image": "https://arweave.net/1iurAcQchFNADmInuP-kmISxVWg_YNGLc0RnYtkAEVI"
    "nfts": [
            "name": "Okapi NFTs",
            "description": "Okapi official NFTs.",
            "symbol": "OKNFT",
            "mint": "82Y3wbZDUFHws5EJUUoprvGT97KKexCxhghpYyy8FqU2",
            "amount": 3,
            "image": "https://arweave.net/52kvtqhMaMrfOqM1GHhtvLaHjcFAA4kz4AqTfqjj4QM"

Cost: 2 compute units

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